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WebDocs - Online Document Hosting and Storage for only pennies a day!

RDM is an authorized WebDocs reseller and we offer clients the information and expertise needed to deploy WebDocs effectively thus maximizing your return on the investment. Our partnership with Digitech Systems, the makers of WebDocs, ensures that your information is available and protected whenever you need it.

What is WebDocs?

WebDocs is a massive, off-site, ultra-secure document management repository that can hold every document ever produced by your organization.  It allows you to easily retrieve and deliver any part of that information - anywhere in the world - in an instant. WebDocs delivers this capability to your company without any capital expense or increased administrative burden. You only pay for the amount of storage used in WebDocs, ensuring that you maximize your return on investment in Enterprise Content Management.

WebDocs offers a simple solution to a serious corporate problem: How to manage the millions of documents that are created and stored during the course of business. WebDocs provides access to Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime™ utilizing a browser-based interface that provides all of the functionality of desktop-based document management systems. WebDocs technology makes corporate data accessible through any web browser, from any location in the world, all backed by unparalleled security and support.

Is WebDocs Secure?

WebDocs' airtight security ensures that the integrity of corporate information is never compromised. WebDocs' three-tier application security directs access to projects, functionality within projects and access to individual documents. Without proper clearance, documents remain invisible even to WebDocs employees. WebDocs' web-based security management allows a corporate administrator to set up and manage users, groups, project access and document-level security. Audit logs are produced to monitor access and the activity of the users. WebDocs also tracks unsuccessful attempts to log into your repository.

WebDocs protects the transmission of data between your company and WebDocs through the use of 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layers). All communications, including logins, queries and results, are passed through a secure, encrypted connection. Digitech's proprietary caching technology allows us to store all information on our internal network, but it is inaccessible to anyone on the web. The instant a document is requested our servers retrieve it and temporarily place it on one of our secured, web-accessible servers.

Once you have accessed your document, it is immediately removed from that external server, eliminating the possibility of unauthorized contact. WebDocs never places your entire corporate knowledge base on a web-accessible server.

Digitech can provide this security and service because of its self-contained structure. All software, servers and storage are engineered, maintained, monitored and managed by Digitech.

Whether your company needs to store live, mission-critical data or historical corporate documents covered by records-retention laws, WebDocs guarantees availability in our service level agreements. Employing both highly redundant storage area network and network attached storage technology, our RAID 5 storage arrays ensure fast access to records. Magnetic storage provides instantaneous access to data and has no time-to-data delay associated with optical disc and CD-based solutions. WebDocs stores images in an industry standard, single-page, Group IV TIFF format while storing other documents in their native formats (word processing files, spreadsheets, CAD drawings, etc.). This provides maximum readability while minimizing access time.

While security is paramount, documents must be instantaneously available. Digitech is fanatical about reliability and keeping your documents accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Through the use of redundant networks, server clusters and storage arrays Digitech removes the potential of hardware failures affecting availability. Backup power sources and redundant high-speed data lines mean no interruption in service or accessibility.

To find out how your company can start using WebDocs today, fill out our Free Request form today or call 215-953-5175.

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